Considering the ETC and BCH pumps I thought this might be worthwhile to those new to crypto. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is not the same as the real Ethereum (ETH). They forked a long time ago, which is why they share the name. But nothing is being done on ETC. All those ERC-20 tokens live on ETH, not ETC. Don't be fooled. Same goes for Bitcoin. There is only one BTC. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), etc are all forks of Bitcoin. Which means that they tried to make a change to BTC but failed, and ended up with a new coin. Just like ETH, the real Bitcoin network is the valuable one and that's why there is such a massive difference in price between BTC and the other Bitcoin forks. TLDR: Don't get fooled by similar names. There is only one BTC, and only one ETH. Good luck out there everyone!