To effectively compete in the rapidly moving equity markets, active day traders and swing traders must stay ahead of new market innovations and technological changes used by hedge fund traders and proprietary trading firms. With traders like you in mind, we designed this intensive roundtable where you will deepen your understanding of all aspects of stock and options trading. I will show you: 1. How to eliminate the guesswork from your trading Using the Tradespoon Stock Forecast Toolbox to determine main support and resistance for next hour and for the next 10 days How to build a trading plan for day trading and long term trading Will review main concepts in Trading Psychology to help you trade in low and high volatility markets 2. What strategies work best for current market conditions How to trade spreads to make money in each direction Day trading stocks and weekly options will accelerate our learning of how to trade options How to manage stock and option portfolios 3. How to refine your entries and exits with precision Determine how to structure your limit and stop loss orders to maximize profit 4. How to grow your portfolio faster with winner after winner See how I pick each trade When to enter and where to exit