Spoo I ran across this article saying that the US intelligence agencies have 180 days to tell congress what they know about UFO's, this was sneaked in to the covid-19 relief bill. I for one am not a conspritist, but commander david fravor, has a damn compelling story with video, bob lazar seems legit, , the documentary The Phenomenon, super legit, I'm kinda retarded, but I think this merritt's a discussion and DD , on how to speculate these potential findings. I'm a marine engineer by trade and I get to see Alot of the Kool new shit out there, I'm thinking about carbon nano tubes or advanced aluminum or titanium fabrication, the only real thing that can advance us is reducing cost on light weight materials super strong, batteries the ability to capture sunlight better, or straight up fusion technology. Listen this could be a thing 🤔 listen Linda listen.. How do we make this print 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀, come-on we got 6 months to get this set up. Link to article