"Most strategies require only high school math" vs "If you don't understand Stochastic Calculus, Advanced Probability Theory, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Finance, Econometrics, etc. then you may as well give up" "As long as you can problem solve, firms don't care about your education background" vs "if you don't have a PhD in a hard science, just give up" "TA is snake oil" vs "TA shows market psychology" "All the alpha is in alternative data, price series is just random noise" vs "Price series is enough for most alpha" "Focus on creating the most realistic backtesting engine, the rest is easy" vs. "Focus on developing alpha, the rest is easy" "You will never beat the big guys because they have better execution, lower latency, and insider information" vs "with smaller market capitalizations, retail algotraders can find alpha too small to allocate to for the big guys" "Read books as a starting point" vs "Sorry bud, don't bother reading books because author's won't reveal any alpha, you have to figure it out on your own" "Understand programming and math first, the finance comes after" vs "Finance is the most important part, the programming and math comes after" "RenTec hires the best and brightest, so that's why they perform so well" vs "Insider Trading" "It's impossible for retail to consistently be profitable, any profits are because of luck, algotrading is just a hobby" vs "I live off my algotrading system"