Hi all, This is my first time posting, so here goes! I have a full, unused set of Godspeed MT3 Apollo Numpad keycaps. the whole set is unused, and i only put some on my keyboard once to take the picture. all the additional key caps are shown in bags. everything is brand new and still in all the little baggies they came in. [Here is an album of pictures of the set.]( **I'm asking $20 for the set.** Ideally i would want to trade for the godspeed SA calculus set, as unlikely as that is. I bought these thinking they were the same, but I was sorely mistaken. they are still nice quality, but the colors are too different for me to want to use it. if anyone has it, i am interested in purchasing the SA calculus set. [Forgot the timestamp thing]( Edit: this item has been sold,