⌛ TIME STAMPS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE ⌛ 00:00 Intro & price overview Important disclaimer at 01:03 01:19 What is IOTA, Tangle & distributed acrylic graphs 04:44 Use cases 06:49 IOTA partnerships 10:43 Ways to store and purchase MIOTA 12:04 Price analyses (crypto & fiat) 19:04 Additional info, general market update (on 24 April 2020) & outro What are some of the key features of IOTA, its partnerships with multi-billion-dollar companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch. VW and Fujitsu, in addition to my MIOTA price analysis and details relating to Tangle, its alternative to blockchain technology. Check out the video for more info! _________________________________ ⭐ Securely store your cryptocurrencies with a Ledger!⭐ __________________________________ List of websites used in IOTA Project Updates & MIOTA Price Analysis video, 25 April 2020!exchanges Direct link to the IOTA Whitepaper ‘The Tangle’ Medium blog piece by Serguei Popov, A BTC to Satoshi converter FYI: Medium post by David Sønstebø ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo credit to Inked Pixels, Shutterstock ID 728156713. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Text: 'Ethnocentric' by Tydodermic Fonts. #crypto #cryptonews #IOTA #MIOTA #cryptocurrency #HODL #Tangle DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE INFORMATION IN THESE VIDEOS IS LEGAL, TAX AND/OR FINANCIAL ADVICE. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISER. IT IS A MIXTURE OF MY INSIGHT/OPINIONS AND THOSE FROM THE AUTHORS LISTED IN THIS VIDEO AND/OR DESCRIPTION.