What are my favourite cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2020? In this video, I give you an overview of these (in order of preference), focusing mostly on the first six listed. Nevertheless, these are all great project with plenty of potential. Moreover, I offer a brief summary of how I would allocate money to these cryptos as a percentage of how I would allocate money to new crypto purchases. Check out the video for more info! _____________________________________ ⭐ Securely store your cryptocurrencies with a Ledger!⭐ For the Nano X: For the Nano S: ____________________________________ List of websites used in video (+ further reading) in a rough order: XRP Infographic: (One reason TRON did not make this video)... _____________________________________ Photo credit to Wit Olszewski at Shutterstock, royalty-free stock photo ID 725383297 _____________________________________ #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum #XRP #Cardano #cryptocurrency #HODL #ADA #EOS #IOTA #LINK DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE INFORMATION IN THESE VIDEOS IS FINANCIAL AND/OR TAX ADVICE. I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. PLEASE ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE INVESTING.