I am rejoining the program this summer after ditching it at first try a while ago. I want to take the ML specialization, and be good at ML/DS, hence the various CSE/ISYE courses are considered. I am taking a class in Probability and already have had Calculus, and Discrete Math. I am now studying full-time, so I don't mind doing 2 over the summer and 3 during in Fall / Spring term. Please advise on which courses I should take and the order that will even out the load. Below are the courses in consideration and their difficulties. Thanks!!! |Difficulty|Code|Course| |:-|:-|:-| |4.65|CSE 6250|Big Data for Health| |4.57|ISYE 8803|High-Dimensional Data Analytics| |4.45|ISYE 6402|Time Series Analysis| |4.36|CS 6515|Introduction to Graduate Algorithms| |4.3|CS 6601|Artificial Intelligence| |4.18|CS 7641|Machine Learning| |4.11|CS 7642|Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making| |4.02|CS 6476|Computer Vision| |3.33|ISYE 6644|Simulation| |3.17|CS 7638|Artificial Intelligence for Robotics| |3.12|CS 7637|Knowledge-Based AI| |3.09|CSE 6242|Data and Visual Analytics| |2.9|ISYE 6501|Intro Analytics Modeling| |2.6|ISYE 6420|Bayesian Methods| |2.5|CS 7646|Machine Learning for Trading| ​