Hello everyone, my name is Tamar Pinder (27M) from Freeport, Bahamas. I can't seem to find the correct subreddit for this post but I am giving r/IamA a go. Proof - []( Facebook - []( Linkedin - []( Over the past 40 hours we have been experiencing the wrath of Hurricane Dorian and it has been devastating. Our northern islands Freeport, Bahamas & Abaco, Bahamas was completely destroyed and a lot of the surrounding countries are coming in to help. My home Freeport, Grand Bahama was completely destroyed and now I am on a mission to do everything I possibly can to help. So many families are still missing and we have started a google drive document with person's found so that families can go through it to make sure their loved ones are ok. Google Drive Document - [\_Krgzb2cycTOGF4ZsS5JDrvRGwggCblUGtq6II/mobilebasic]( I will post links to all reputable/relevant persons that are actually going to help. Please label all donations "Hurricane Relief" Gofundme - []( \- Headknowles is a facebook group started by locals and has now turned to the number #1 go-to help during all hurricanes for all islands of The Bahamas. Rotary Hurricane Relief - []( Bahamas Red Cross Relief - []( This is only my 2nd post to Reddit but I will constantly post updates about any of the donations and exactly what is being done. Please see more videos and articles below. This has been absolutely devastating. Hurricane Dorian - Category 5 almost 200 MPH! \[ABACO\] Surging in Abaco started Sunday September 1st 2019 around 12:30PM Power lines are being damaged by the strong winds - []( Storm Surge - []( Storm Surge #2 - []( The surge got so high that locals had to climb into their attics or in the "manhole" of the roof and many many people got stuck. Eventually they had to evacuate and big trucks started to head out and rescue a lot of persons. Evacuating their homes during the hurricane - []( Aftermath (Abaco)(Aerial view) - []( Local newspaper article - []( Here is a local man that lost his wife - []( \[FREEPORT\] Hurricane Dorian arrived to Freeport Monday September 2nd 2019 and stayed over Freeport at Category 5 for more than 24 Hours. It literally just hoovered over the island for about 30-36 hours. Thousands of homes flooded. Multiple videos - []( Airport (Aftermath) - []( CNN Report - []( **Update:** ~~(5)~~ ~~(7)~~ ~~(20)~~ (26) found dead since the hurricane left but we are most certain it is a few more. Local newspaper article - []( Complete storm history by local newspaper - []( Rescuing a family - [Family being rescued by boat]( Here is a local man that lost his son - [Heartbreaking story]( Edit 2: Removed some misunderstood information. Edit 3: Email Removed.