We’re currently at war. A trade war. The stakes are getting higher between the USA and China, which not only impacts markets around the world but also specific companies like Huawei, and all the companies that supply and use Huawei equipment. Globalisation has made everything so connected, it’s hard to know what’s going to happen. But things are looking very scary. We’re on the very edge of a huge market crisis that we can’t control. We can’t predict the exact moment it’ll begin, how bad it’ll be or what the long-term consequences will be. But it will have massive implications for traders. So, how can we prepare for tough times like this? How can we protect ourselves and even profit during a crisis? I recorded a video I want to share with you, talking about the dangers of the markets today and how to be prepared. In the video I reveal: - The best type of strategies to have in high-volatility markets. - Why they can make you huge profits in bear markets, - What you can apply to your trading RIGHT NOW that will significantly reduce your risk, - And the ultimate risk management combination that will prepare you for anything that crosses your path. Watch the video and get prepared, we could be in for a bumpy ride (full of opportunity if you know how to approach it)! Tomas