I've noticed that this subreddit has been getting more and more new accounts  trying to create a ruckus. It's quite likely that some are just BTC maximalists who feel threatened by the leaps and bounds that BCH has been making, while the rest are paid cybertrolls deploying psyops to dismantle the bitcoin cash community. Why? Take your pick: 1 - BCH is the most prominent coin that is still on course to deliver censorship resistant, peer to peer cash to the world and as such it threatens the hegemony of the fractional reserve and centralized inflationary system. 2 - BCH can scale to reach world adoption and hasn't been crippled. 3 - Some institutions realize that in the trade war between USD and Yuan the only  winner is Crypto. They want to delay the inevitable. 4 - BCH community has toughened up against invading pretenders who tried to break it from the inside out. So a different method has to be used. (Some have noticed the absense of trolls during the sv fork saga). 5 - People are starting to look into the actual history of the 2017 fork and are getting disillusioned. I myself have brought onboard the BCH train, 5 people, who previously thought it was a scam coin started by Roger. The trolls want to create a backlog of seemingly "well sounding" opposition when the new wave of adoption inevitably arrives. That's what all the gilding is for: it's not targeting you but the new arrivals that are yet to come. They want to trigger you into making personal insults instead of arguing on merits and technical realities, that's why they are so obnoxious. I can almost guarantee you most of the obnoxious gilded comments will be edited later on to make you look like the bad guy who responded with hatred to a nice and well-written argument. They are creating the environment to make it appear that this sub is censored (you're already hearing that to some extent). Here's how you fight against it: \- Respond calmly and based on technical merits. Never by a personal attack. \- Quote the text you're responding to in your comment. Optionally make a archival snapshot of the discussion so there is proof of what they said and what you responded with. \- Write your comment as if a newbie is reading it. You have to keep in mind they are doing this to detract people new to crypto from BCH so you have to write in a way that attracts them to it instead. \- Stay focused on the long term goal. Trolls want you to waste your time instead of doing anything useful. Very often they will try to engage you in tangential arguments which prove nothing and only serve to detract you from making the actual argument that you can make. Learn to recognize that, point it out for everyone to see, and then make the correct argument that helps the main discussion. \- Last of all: know why you're doing all of this. You might be tempted to ride the wave to make some money in the short term, that's a losing bet in the long term so keep the long term goal in mind always. For financial freedom of the world.