#DayTrading #Emini #StockMarket We dare you to check out our work: Live Streaming Discord Books Websites Social This is a Personal Development Channel with an emphases on Day Trading, Stock Investing, Real Estate Investing, & Building a Legacy of Wealth. It's the Most Valuable Tool we use for explaining/educating unique Long-Term Real Estate & Market Investing Methodologies, a Multitude of Day Trading Strategies & Setups, all with screen sharing visuals, live audio, & charts in real time. Hear our thought process via the live audio from our Technical Analyst's & Investors as they formulate ideas, & watch their desktop as they explain what they're looking for in the stock charts or in the real estate properties. OUR MISSION simply put is to “Build Consistently Profitable Traders/Investors.” Our company exists as a support to you, as YOU pursue your individual goals and interests. We succeed by helping you achieve what you want from trading. Whatever your aim, we consider it a privilege to be in a position to help you achieve it faster and cheaper than you could on your own.