Elliott Wave SP500 (SPX) NASDAQ (NDX) CFD Trading S&P 500 Elliott Wave count: Wave (iii) of c) of B Trading Strategy; continue to hold long into the trading session. Elliott Wave News SP500 (SPX) NASDAQ (NDX) This Elliott Wave Analysis is suitable for tracking the QQQ, dow jones DJI DJIA Emini (ES) SPY Futures Index, this video uses Contracts for Difference (CFDs) known as CFD Trading indices / Index trading.Technical Analysis Elliott wave and Trading Levels. "If you are viewing this outside of our website then this is a delayed report for timely updates join the members area." Education: Elliott Wave Structures Elliott degrees in order; Grand Supercycle wave, Supercycle wave, Cycle wave, Primary wave, Intermediate wave, Minor wave, Minute wave, Minuette wave and Subminuette wave. Please Note: Videos are placed out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Charts are posted every day for Intraday, 4 hr, daily and weekly. Get Your 2O Day Trial here Social Media YouTube Google+ LinkedIn LinkedIn Group Trading Lounge CFD Trading and Elliott Wave Education Links Elliott Wave Basics Trading Levels Analysis CFD Trading CFD Trading Course CFD Trading Strategies CFD Trading Comprehensive Guide ASX NYSE NASDAQ Stock CFD Trading Recommendations, Technical analysis and CFD Trading Education Peter Mathers - TradingLounge