In this video tutorial we are going to show you how you can sell recurring subscriptions online with our plug&paid shopping cart solution. Get your 30-day free trial @ ---------- The process: 1. Create a subscription service in your dashboard 2. Configure your subscription's billing cycle 3. Attach a payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe or Bitpay) 4. Customize your button or widget (optional) 5. Get a code or link that you can install or share 6. Make sales online ---------- What is plug&paid Create customizable buttons, links and widgets, that direct customers to your plug&paid shopping cart where they can directly buy your products. You add the buttons/widgets on your website or links you can share anywhere on the web. plug&paid handles the subscription service billing, license delivery, invoicing, tracking, emailing, stock management and much more. ---------- How you can get paid: 1. Paypal Business Account (Express Checkout) 2. Paypal Personal Account 3. Stripe Account (Credit Card transactions) 4. BitPay (Bitcoin transactions) ---------- Why not try plug&paid for free or get in touch if you have any questions. Facebook: Twitter: