XZEN  is the first cryptocurrency wallet that combines the full functionality of cryptocurrency exchanges, convenience of traditional banking, and security of cold storage. The foundation of XZEN is a cross-chain system, operating on blockchain, and is based on the Graphene4technology. The XZEN system consists of mobile and web applications as well as a hardware wallet _____________________________________________________________________________ Client: XZEN Xzen Design Director: Victor Sokolov Copywritter: Anton Gusarov Postproduction company: Subframe Studio Creative Directors: Mikhail Sedov,Vasily Filileev Art director: Mikhail Sedov CG Supervisor: Vasily Filileev 3d artists: Dmitry Markov, Vasily Filileev, Mikhail Sedov Ui Animation: Nikolay Ushakov Render / Compositing: Mikhail Sedov, Vasiliy Filileev Sound design: Blink Audio