Join us in the next generation of fair and sustainable crypto currency game and decentralized APP (DAPP) development at: WarDogs Gaming Launches TERIS to release smart contracts worth $50,000 in ETHEREUM back to the DApp Community! Silicon Valley's most anticipated crypto-currency based gaming development and DAPP-based firm, WarDogs Gaming, launches to serve the loyal smart contract gaming community and grow fair and profitable crypto currency gaming worldwide. Ethereum-based Smart Contract gamers want fun consistent, flexible, fair, transparent, and privacy oriented gaming. WarDogs' first legendary project, Teris, is the world's first sustainable "Doubler" style DApp. By removing zero sum gain aspect out of smart contract gaming, Teris will use the world of automated trading bots into an easy to use, simple setup allowing the users profits of up to 25% return on investment. WarDogs Gaming, launched in June 2018, is a fair gaming blockchain development company creating fun, profitable and financially self sustaining games built from the ground up by gamers for gamers and back by several early adopters and several high level crypto currency investment firms. WarDogs is comprised of several founding members of War Pigs Investments, experts in arbitraging, day trading and green portfolios since 2012 with 75+ years in gaming and community development on the team. Dapp is an abbreviated form of "decentralized application". A DApp has its backend code running on a secure decentralized peer-to-peer network, contrasted with an app where the backend code runs on centralized servers and could be de-platformed. DApps enable pure freedom and work with all types of smart phones and web browsers. The "Free The GEARS" campaign is the first community outreach enabled with the launch of "TERIS" and will help release all funds locked in several Smart Contracts previously in lockdown, previously thought to be lost forever. "There's nearly fifty thousands of dollars worth of ETHEREUM (ETH) locked up in poorly designed smart contracts. We didn't develop those games, but we launched WarDogs Gaming with TERIS to free those games, restore faith to the smart contract gaming community and showcase what a fair, self sustaining, fun and profitable games for players will look like moving forward" - WarDogs Team Leader, Crypto JarHead of War Pigs Investments. Blockchain technology offers the promise of fair gaming, ownership of digital assets, transparency into the in-game economics, benefits of staying anonymous of a public ledger both for funds & for identity and an opportunity to earn, no longer just for the pro or sponsored players but for everyone, provides the perfect solution for gamers. WarDogs is partnering withg and seekin several traditional gaming platform developers from Solidity, GameMakerPro, Unity, Unreal, Game Salad, RPG Maker, Construct 2, Stencyl, Twine, Quest as well as JAVA and HTML-5 web based and app based games looking to bring their future games to the most profitable blockchain launch platform possible as partners. Join us in the next generation of fair and sustainable crypto currency game and decentralized APP (DAPP) development at: For partnerships, game developers, sponsorship and investor inquiries, please email Director of Marketing, aka "CryptoBrain" at: