Dominant Finance is the answer to the global investment trend of 2018, an investment solution where you can easily earn $100,000 for the first year. Mining, Trading, Company Start on 27 July 2018 Join Now - Presentation - 4 Investment Packages from $10 to $30,000 - Monthly income from 8% to 20% for 400 Days - Mining The company has a mining showroom in Sweden and an expanding data center in Moscow. Official presention of Dominant Finance mining farm by CEO Thomas Eklundh: - Trading of CryptoCurrency They hire two professional cryptotraders who conduct trading on the four largest cryptoexchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Kraken and Poloniex. * all trade reports are published on the company’s official website as such trades are made From the Founder (CEO) Thomas Eklundh: "I want to present you access to our webcam so that every day you can see our mining farm live. But that's not all. The basic element confirming that this farm really belongs to Dominant Finance is a specialized online chat in which all registered users can communicate with each other. Thus, you can see all your comments live on the TV screen, which is installed in the farm’s room. Are you ready? Well, let's start. Step #1: Go to the Dominant Finance chat room, register and start posting comments: Step #2: Connect to the webcam and watch our farm and the screen, on which all your comments will appear online: Now they are creating a strong team of network marketers around the world. With us, there are already more than 50 countries, 100 key distributors and several thousand customers and partners. Join our friendly team of lions and let's dominate the cryptocurrency market – together! - CAREER LADDER: 4% - 16% direct bonuses , 5% - 75% Cumulative Bonuses , 500$ - 1000000$ Career Ladder Bonuses Direct Bonus This bonus is based on investment amounts made by people in your structure. Your rank determines the percentage you will be eligible for. Direct bonuses apply to all levels in your structure. To calculate the percentage you get from the 2nd to infinite level investments, please deduct your percentage from the percentage of your partner that acquired the sale. If there is no difference, no direct bonus will be paid. However, the cumulative bonus is the solution. Cumulative Bonus This bonus is based on direct bonuses people in your structure will earn. The percentage and the number of levels you will be eligible for is determined by your rank. The cumulative bonus is paid independently from the rank of your partners. Even if your partner below has over-ranked you, the cumulative bonus will still be paid. Career Bonus The career bonus will be paid based on your structural turnover and your ability to develop your partners. To be eligible for a career bonus you have to reach a certain turnover and have to develop at least two partners to a rank which is one level lower than yours. For easy operation in the international market, the company is registered in 5 jurisdictions: Belize, UK, Hong Kong, USA and Russia. Certificate of Incorporation in Belize: Certificate of Incumbency in Belize : Certificate of Incorporation in UK: Certificate of Incorporation in Hong Kong: Certificate of Incorporation in USA: Certificate of Incorporation in Russia: Bank Accounts in Two Countries (Cyprus & Switzerland) Telegram: Facebook: Youtube: Contact: SIGNUP: