This explainer animation shows how you can take advantage of GoldX which is an ERC20 token backed by an actual physical asset! GOLD! Need a video like this? Get in touch with our team via the following form: Audio Script : Managing your investments is tricky business. Investments fluctuate in value daily and market conditions change dramatically - never more so than in the crypto space. So, how can you better manage your risk? Say hello to GoldX - an ERC20 token backed by an actual physical asset! GOLD! It is another easy way for investors to buy physical gold from HelloGold It’s fully allocated, transparent and guarantees liquidity! This is Robin, the actual mastermind behind this token. Quality is a vital part of HelloGold! Our team of experienced professionals have come together to use technology to digitise and democratise real assets…starting with gold! We’re backed by many key industry players and government bodies. You can now purchase gold through GOLDX using Bitcoin or Ethereum, over the counter and on decentralised exchanges soon. You can also sell the gold back to us at a flat rate discount to the prevailing spot price. It’s designed to play an important role in a crypto portfolio, whether as asset diversification or to convert your crypto into fiat currency. So if you’re looking for gold to hedge your wealth and weather through those storms, get some GOLDX today!