00:42 - Metamask Setup 02:33 - Creating a Lending Smart Contract 04:57 - Funding Collateral 06:28 - Funding a Loan 07:29 - Loan Repayment 08:28 - Smart Contract Workflow 10:05 - Notes and Planned Features 10:53 - Ending This is a demonstration of the ‘LendCoin’ peer to peer cryptocurrency lending and futures contract decentralized application, v0.1 proof of concept, April 15th, 2018. This video is intended as a private reference for potential partners and early adopters of Zenchain. Links used and referenced in ‘LendCoin’ demo - our current live demo dApp - Firefox/Chrome browser addon used in demo to interact with dApp and smart contract (when installed please ensure the network is set to Rinkeby) - Rinkeby block explorer for monitoring test transactions and smart contracts Should you need extra test ETH/HUR or wish to create additional test accounts: - test faucet to get free Rinkeby Ethereum for use in testing* - guide on how to get free test Ethereum and Hurify tokens*