Former Jordan football captain Omar Dweik gives an insight as to why he decided to join the Globatalent project as an advisor. He tells of his own career, his personal experience and why he believes Globatalent is going to change the multi billion dollar sports industry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT GLOBATALENT At Globatalent, we love the sports industry, we love watching sports and we love playing sports. We believe that sports should go back to the fans and all of our talented athletes should not be prevented to have the opportunities that only a selected few receive. If we revolutionize the sports industry through blockchain technology and decentralize sports, we can give every talented athlete the opportunities that they deserve. For more information, please see Press Contact: Rob Spitz ( Our Community Channels: Telegram: Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Medium: Bounty: Youtube: Vimeo: New Explainer Video: New Founders interview Video: White Paper : Aidrop (Free Tokens):