Welcome to Farsight's Cryptocurrency Project, where we use remote viewing to predict the high and low prices of individual cryptocurrencies over a specified time period. This edition focuses on Bitcoin over a forecast period from 15 May 2018 through 15 August 2018. During this forecast period, this project will primarily interest investors who want to know how remote viewing might be applied to financial elements. After the forecast period is over, this forecast, plus a results analysis, will be posted on YouTube to watch for free. We plan to do this each month at Farsight, focusing on a new currency and a new forecast period each time in order to establish a track record for predicting this type of digital information. This experiment uses a new experimental design that is based on 20 years of research, and which resolves past problems encountered when forecasting numerical data. But before we begin, a disclaimer: No one at Farsight is a licensed financial advisor. So anything that anyone at Farsight does that relates to using remote-viewing to predict financial or economic outcomes of any type, including the selling prices of cryptocurrencies, is done for entertainment and educational purposes only. Everyone doing investments are doing so at their own risk. These are experiments in remote viewing, and there are no guarantees being made, either explicit or implied. Nonetheless, these efforts are truly interesting on a grand scale, and we at Farsight believe that after we do this for awhile, it will be hard for anyone to ignore the reality of remote viewing. In summary, this project is aimed at changing the world into a better place. Remote viewing is our tool to do this. This world wants proof that remote viewing is real. Nothing will do this better than a successful application aimed at predicting financial outcomes. We hope that our efforts help to make lots of people rich, and in the process, give humanity a positive destiny worthy of a noble species.